Track Your Putting While On The Practice Green

If you want to really see what is going on with your putting, you can spend a little time pre-round or in your practice sessions to really make drastic improvements to your stroke.  Here is a drill that you help you instantly.

Find a flat part of the practice green and lay down two clubs or alignment sticks about 5 inches apart.  You want to create a track that leads to the hole and a straight putt.

putting drillsPlace a ball in the middle of the sticks at about 3 feet, and focus on making 10 putts in a row.  Once you have completed making 10 in a row, then move the sticks and the ball back to 4 feet.  Make 10 putts from this distance and then move back to 5 feet.  The majority of your putts are going to be within 5 feet during your round, and the more consistent you are with straight putts, the more consistent and confident you will be on every putt.

The key is to make sure you do not move back until you have made 10 in a row.  Create a competition with yourself to do this, and count how many times you have to start over.  Over time, you will know your personal record and you will always have a number in your mind to shoot for. The same as you try to hit par or your handicap on the golf course.

This drill will allow you to make a solid stroke, and you will hear the ball drop into the hole time after time.  The sound of the ball dropping in so often when you putt will make your confidence soar.  Once on the course, visualize the track and feel confident that you will make these putts more often than not.  This will not only improving your scoring average, but you will also enjoy the game much more.  Doing this drill for just one week could easily knock 3 to 5 strokes off of your scoring average.

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Choosing A Putter

In many cases a putter is a hunk of steel. What makes one putter stick out on the others? It’s just how as well as your minds eye it is perceived by you. Lots of idea is put in putter layout but actually it’s a balanced level surface attached to your shaft having a handle. All the various layouts? As a result of consumer understanding.

Look of a putter is altered in several ways – color, depth of face, amount of blade, hozel, and positioning and contour of tactical weight. Many substances are used: titanium, tungsten, copper, balata, rubber, assortments of polymers. The view is given more self-assurance and so you want by layouts. Decide a putter for the reason that it feels good in your hands or you also due to the name onto it – not like the weight, form, color or feel or face type.

You would like your eyes on the ball as well as your arms hanging whenever choosing a putter span. I would suggest a spear which is not a little longer than normal. This gets your eyes on the ball. For those who have faith in hold, appearance, the design and span you’ll make more putts.

Joe Chapin is a professional club fitter and has worked in the golf club manufacturing business for many years.  Joe is the owner of Top Golf Shop in Las Vegas, NV.