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Don’t Hibernate Like A Bear This Winter

Bears hibernate, You Should Not!

Bear Playing Golf

I am sure you don’t have to be reminded after sitting inside with the kids for several hours staring at a iPhone, that it makes sense for everyone, needs to get a bit more exercise.  Heck, lets not even say exercise, how about “movement”.  Golfers may not be the most fit athletes in the world, but at least they walk around the golf course a few times each week.

And that means maybe you are thinking you better begin a fitness plan or get on a diet (contemplating those New Year resolutions floating about) or sign your kid up for another session of football or golf lessons.

Well, go ahead – those are excellent strategies to improve your quality of life. But good health does not have to be realizing it undoubtedly should be pleasurable and formal or organized.

I observed my children throw on their snow equipment and head outside to sled down the hill before our house this winter season as the very first snow fell. They were not unhappy, they were laughing, and you know what? Exercising! My husband soon joined in, and I wondered why I had the hoover within my hand. There are so many advantages of just being outside, loving nature, getting some sunshine and socializing with buddies, family as well as neighbors. Even when we can’t be outside on the golf course knocking down flags and draining birdies.

There are a number of events in major cities trying to help people get more active. There is one outside of Washington DC, sponsored by the Capital Area Wellness Coalition, emphasizes all the winter actions that are complimentary that Beaver Meadow must offer snowshoeing and skating. Simply do not forget to bring your gear. Occasions add a snow sculpting competition throwing contest, music, bonfire, hot cocoa and food concession.

Anyway you view it, there are plenty of activities you can take part in this winter, and enjoy as many as they will offer offer, and you also will not have to go far to enjoy the outside with a little sunshine and good ole’ family fun! For additional information with this occasion, visit

The Capital Area Wellness Coalition builds partnerships to develop a culture of healthy living for all and organize community resources. If you can’t wait until Spring to start working on your golf game, be sure to check out some of the exercise routines and programs you can work on until it is time to put the tee in the ground this spring.